New for 2021 – You’re Not Alone: A Yogic Survival Guide

Due to popular demand, this workshop will be run again in January 2021. To register visit the Eventbrite page. To see if this workshop is right for you, see the description below.

Dates for upcoming workshop:

Wednesday, January 6, 13, 20, and 27 at 12 – 1 PM.

Winter is here! Oftentimes the cold weather brings us in less contact with other people and we may find we are spending more time alone. We may not have access to familiar supports of in-person yoga classes and meditation workshops. Where can you find that familiar comfort and encouragement?

This 4-week series, You’re Not Alone: A Yogic Survival Guide for COVID Times, directly addresses some of the concerns we face during this pandemic and uses mindfulness and stress-reduction tools to help us not only get through the dark days, but how to take advantage of the natural isolation and insulation these COVID times provide us and actually deepen our practices. Rather than stressing out, we can use this time for reflection and refinement.

Via live Zoom sessions, each week we will focus on particular aspects of our lives that have been affected during the pandemic. Using the tools of awareness found in mindfulness practices such as yogic breathing and simple meditation techniques, we will practise together, seeking calmness in the uncertainty to come.


  • Face-to-face time (camera and mics on) with a chance to check-in and share with other session participants
  • A lesson using a mindfulness technique, and time to practise it
  • Homework (all optional) exercises to report back about each week
  • Downloadable meditation guide written by Jamine
  • Free gift (choose from 3 items to help you stay connected to the coursework)

During the series, we will explore:

Week One – Health and our Body

As the weather changes and we are more isolated, we may notice old or ongoing health and emotional issues start reemerging. We’ll explore how some healthy habits and wellness planning can help us address these concerns. The class will close with instruction on how to conduct a guided body scan for relaxation and resiliency.

Week Two – Isolation and Loneliness

During the pandemic we have learned to be afraid – of touching things, of being too close to other people, not only of strangers but even of our own loved ones and close friends. We will take what we learned in Week One and we will add breathing techniques from yoga (3-part breath and alternate nostril breathing) to help us find our centre and inner peace.

Week Three – Change and Grief

This pandemic has brought profound change to virtually every aspect of our lives – we may work at the same jobs but from home – we may meet with family and friends, but virtually. We will explore simple ways to get comfortable with the uncomfortable as we review the practices from the first two weeks and add a meditation technique to help us draw on energy around us to support others and ourselves.

Week Four – Planning for the Future and Ending Suffering

No matter how long the pandemic lasts, we will still need to make plans for the future. This week we will use guided visualization techniques to help us explore our intentions and create affirmative action steps. We will practice metta meditation, helping us to feel close and connected to people even when we’re far apart, building on the techniques we have learned in the previous weeks and setting us up to end the year on a positive note.

Other Training

Training comes in a couple of varieties – training for yoga teachers and people becoming yoga teachers – and just training for people. Some courses are open to everyone and other courses are for specific groups only.

If you would like to request special trainings, contact Jamine. She offers a module of the Senior Police Administrators Course, focused on Work-Life Balance, Mindfulness, and Stress Reduction.

Customized workshops and trainings can be developed by request, especially in the areas of meditation, mindfulness, stress reduction, intention/goal setting, yoga, relaxation, and using yogic principles to live better.