iPhone & iPad Yoga Apps

Yoga with Jamine Screenshot

*Please note Jamine’s Yoga Apps are no longer updated or supported.

Here’s what we used to have in the shop!

Yoga with Jamine (with Jamine!)
Capital Yoga (with Jamine)
Easy Meditate (with Jamine)
Akhanda Yoga (with Yogi Vishvaketu)
Yoga with Tania (with Tania)
DigestWell (with Tania)
Yoga for Runners (with Tania)
Runners Yoga (with Tania)
Happy Hips Yoga (with Tania)
Happy Hips Yoga II (with Tania)
Louise’s Hot Yoga
Desk Yoga (with Kat)

All of these apps are for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad.